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November 5, 2018

Squirrel McNutt Gets Ready for the Holidays

Hi, I’m Squirrel McNutt. I’ve been spending the summer collecting acorns so I’ll have plenty to eat during the winter. This year I’ve collected extra because I invited all my friends to a holiday feast. Sharing food helps some of my friends who may need a little extra to get them through the cold days and nights that are just around the corner. We’ll find a nice cozy place in the barn and have a wonderful time. I have to scurry now and bring out more acorns from my tree. I hope you are getting ready for some good holiday times with your friends and family too!

Love, Squirrel McNutt

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October 15, 2018

Jelly Bean Loves Jelly Beans!

Snooping around in the tack room one day, I discovered jelly beans! As a goat, it is true, I will eat almost anything. But, jelly beans are my favorite things to eat! Right away I told all of my friends about this great candy I found! Laughingly, my friends nicknamed me “Jelly Bean” and that has now become my name!

With Halloween approaching, it is hard not to eat more jelly beans, since so many more are around. I took a "selfie" at the Jelly Belly Factory! Pure heaven for me!

Love, Jelly Bean

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October 8, 2018

Lexi Visits Hospitals

Hi, I’m Lexi. I’m a service dog and love to visit children in the hospital. I usually stop by in the mornings. All the children in the hospital get so excited and feel so much better when I stop by. I love to snuggle and nuzzle with as many children as I can. Even the nurses and doctors are glad to see me. I say “hello” to as many patients as I can. Sometimes, I even travel to different cities. Sick children everywhere need attention.

After my visits, I still have time to play with my friends in the park. I remind them how important they are to children everywhere.

At one time or another we can all use some “Lexi” time.

Love, Lexi

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