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September 28, 2018
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October 15, 2018

Lexi Visits Hospitals


Hi, I’m Lexi. I’m a service dog and love to visit children in the hospital. I usually stop by in the mornings. All the children in the hospital get so excited and feel so much better when I stop by. I love to snuggle and nuzzle with as many children as I can. Even the nurses and doctors are glad to see me. I say “hello” to as many patients as I can. Sometimes, I even travel to different cities. Sick children everywhere need attention.

After my visits, I still have time to play with my friends in the park. I remind them how important they are to children everywhere.

At one time or another we can all use some “Lexi” time.

Love, Lexi



“Lexi makes me so happy when I feel sick!” — Jose

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